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"We believe everyone was born with a G.I.F.T (Genius I Fully Trust) inside of them. Let us help you find yours! "
-Author Martin L. Ramirez

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out why. – Mark Twain

Martin Ramirez has spent over 32 years looking to answer the last six words of this sentence.
Imagine his shock when he found the answer from his youngest son Mario (born Down syndrome).

“A different kind of Genius” Ramirez believes of Mario, along with we ALL came here to Earth
with a GIFT. Something we do better than those around us. Ramirez challenges his audiences to “dare to imagine” finding your gift once and for all and setting a course of travel straight to fulfillment. Ramirez invites you to join him and Mario in looking for your gift with tools you can use in ten seconds or less to remove obstacles!

“They (Doctors/therapist) told Ramirez, Mario would never be able to tie his shoes, now Mario is cutting grass for money! Oh, and by the way Mario smiles as he ties his own shoes for the days cut.”

Ramirez is the proud father to three beloved sons, Xavier, Dominic, and Mario and loving husband of 33 years to Melissa (Missy).

Ramirez joined his wife Missy (32 years’ service) in retirement 12-31-21, after 33 years’ service
himself at the United States Postal Service.

Author of “Whose Fault Is It, When You Find Your Purpose!”

Speaker for over 20 years at two Local Universities Bowling Green State University, The University of Toledo for classes graduating in the field of Special Ed, along with speaking at many events totaling over 100 thousand combined attendees. (Mario has joined his father in the last 12 years on his lecturing circuit and has added the needed spice).

Every child came here with a Gift.

As the Parent of a child with Downs syndrome, author Martin Ramirez is intimately familiar with
the challenges his son Mario faces daily. And yet, Ramirez knows just how well his son can teach life’s lessons to the rest of us. “Whose Fault Is It, When You Find Your Purpose!” How My Son Became My Mentor. Focuses on Mario’s zest for life and shows the true love between a father and son, while asking the reader to begin their search for their purpose.

We dare You to Imagine finding your gift, and the reason to use it!

Through his daily interactions with his son, Ramirez noticed that humans have four core needs: love, attention, control, and excitement, or L.A.C.E. These needs can be met in either a healthy or unhealthy way. By sharing examples of how Mario approaches each of these wants, Ramirez helps you understand a healthy way for you, to meet the four core needs, as you watch your obstacles fade into the background of your life. Whether it is watching his son develop control while playing with another child or studying Mario’s nonjudgmental reactions of love toward others, Ramirez reveals the simple beauty of Mario’s personality and looks to share the healthy patterns Mario is running..

What are you believing today, that will have you kicking yourself for believing it, in adulthood?

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